Case Studies

Algebra Professional Learning Program
Critical Thinking/Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment (FIE)
Improved Graduation Math Test Scores In Cleveland High Schools

When 75% of students in two of Cleveland’s low-performing high schools were failing the Ohio graduation test in mathematics, a team of Feuerstein professionals was asked to assist. After collaborating with the administration and faculty to assess root causes, a two-tiered intervention plan was designed and implemented: 1) an intense professional learning program to deepen teachers’ knowledge of Algebraic concepts and 2) Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) in the classroom to enrich students’ critical thinking skills. The Feuerstein team and the school administration agreed that with this dual approach they would enhance their teachers’ content mastery and cultivate students’good thinking; working in conjunction, both components of this strategy would in turn set the foundation for good math. After 16 months, teachers using the FIE program in a block schedule with Algebra and Geometry saw a dramatic, statistically significant improvement in the number of students’passing the graduation exam. In addition, the evaluation noted a major positive shift in teacher attitudes about students’ math capabilities.

For more information please see the attached pdf: IRI_CaseStudy_HighSchool_FIE_Math_Cleveland.pdf

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