Case Studies

IRI Supports Oshkosh Charter In Quest to Become a
Feuerstein-Centered Enriched Learning School

The Oshkosh Charter School was founded with a belief in pursuing the following “what ifs”:

  • What if the brain is malleable and thus the ceiling of student potential can be significantly raised?
  • What if teachers desire excellence not only in their own classrooms but throughout the school?
  • What if students become self-motivated and self-directed in their learning and life choices?
  • What if parents can see the signs of excellence in their child and want to bring that excellence back into the home?

Principal Lynn Brown believes that IRI’s implementation of Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) provides the best methods for teaching cognitive processes, using systematic strategies, and advancing all children’s learning potential. With IRI’s coaching, Brown has integrated Feuerstein’s theories and practices throughout the charter school. The daily curriculum includes FIE instruction for all of her students. A disproportionate number of the 285 students (30%) have special education needs, and 42% meet the low-income criteria to qualify for the subsidized lunch program.  Over 3 years the state standardized test scores rose in third, fourth and fifth grades. Additionally, research indicates that the teachers are using Feuerstein’s principles to inform their teaching, students are taking more ownership of their learning, and parents are gaining an understanding of their role in the process. IRI continues to provide intensive professional learning experiences in both the BASIC and STANDARD versions of FIE and is now preparing teachers to use Feuerstein’s Dynamic Assessment: Learning Propensity Assessment Device to measure students’ drive to think and problem solve. University of Wisconsin and the Department of Education in Madison are tracking the impact.

For more information please see the attached pdf: IRI_CaseStudy_SpecialNeeds_FIE_Oshkosh.pdf

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