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IRI Builds Maryville Academy Jen School into a
21st Century Enriched Learning School

In collaboration with IRI, Maryville Academy has made its “Jen School” in Des Plaines, IL a 21st Century Enriched Learning School, integrating the Feuerstein Method across all aspects of the school, including core subject areas as well as PE, lunch, and their vocational program. All faculty receive IRI’s Critical Thinking professional learning needed to use Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) with their adolescents. Jen School Director Dr. Craig Maki describes his organization as a “last chance” for the 65+ adolescents assigned there by their local districts or the Illinois Division of Family Services. The Jen School students have been identified through the IEP process as mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, autistic, other health impaired and/or victims of traumatic brain injury. Maki explained, “We not only use the program everyday with all students, we adapt it for our counseling and discipline as well as in our residential supervision. The program saturates Jen. The students’ appreciate the consistency and the support of the program. FIE may be the most popular class we have.”

With IRI’s coaching, the Jen School meets students at their present level of cognitive functioning and, through purposeful mediation, optimally challenges every child to reach their full potential. By focusing on enhancing cognitive functions, the school has seen students’ become better and less stressed decision-makers. Via IRI’s professional learning programs, ongoing teacher coaching, and student consumable materials, the high schoolers are able to openly talk about their cognitive skills and the ways in which they, as a learning community, can improve.

For more information please see the attached pdf: IRI_CaseStudy_SpecialNeeds_FIE_Maryville.pdf

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